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Transition Bridges Project

Systemic mediation to meet today's polycrisis

« You cannot cross large rivers without building bridges »
- Matshona Dhliwayo

A time of great transformation requires new collaborative leadership.

The great rivers to be crossed in our time are gigantic in scope. We are facing a polycrisis: climate change, the loss of biodiversity, inequities, systemic discrimination and exclusion, an aging population, the erosion of democratic processes to name only a few.


The bridges built now must connect a desire for transformation with systems and structures which, today, struggle to work in harmony. Some systems require care, others have reached a tipping point, while still others no longer work at all. The desire for transformation and the need to take action nevertheless exist within our coalitions, organizations, citizenry, companies, governments, foundations, NGOs, and universities - but this potential needs to be channeled strategically so that collectively we can build a regenerative future.


Humbly and in alignment with existing systems approaches, systemic mediation offers a mindset, a practice, processes and tools for building the necessary bridges. Fostering the core competencies necessary for the emergence of this vital role is one of the main focuses of the Transition Bridges Project.

This initiative is above all an invitation. We believe in the power of collaboration and the potential for synergy that can be fostered  between people working to change the world, as well as those who need a helping hand. Your input, expertise and passion are needed to build these bridges. Together, let's tap into an essential inner purpose, develop skills and tools to support this action and channel our desires for transformation to give them the direction they need.

The notion of systems mediation is a concept, a hypothesis to be tested. After many conversations with practitioners interested in systems change from a variety of backgrounds, here is a preliminary attempt at a definition.

« Systemic mediation is the practice of acting as an intermediary between different actors, scales or systems to facilitate dialogue, reach mutual understanding and resolve conflicts. It supports interventions carried out at various levels - individual, organizational, systemic and cultural/metaphysical - where mediators can help identify common interests, encourage collaboration and negotiate agreements that can contribute to the development of resilient and regenerative communities. They play a crucial role in promoting collaboration within complex socio-ecological systems. »

A 4-dimensional approach:

« You cannot cross large rivers without building bridges »
- Wendell Berry

This is a start !

As of October 2023, Transition Bridges Project is designed as an opportunity to work together. This site is a way of connecting the idea of systems mediation with other practices that already exist at different scales. If you are interested in this approach, or in any of the four dimensions mentioned above, we invite you to join the conversation.

If you want to be part of the conversation, please fill out the form below! 👇

An invitation

Action on a systemic scale can only be achieved through widespread collaboration. If you'd like to take part and be kept informed, please sign up!

Thank you for your message!

« The key to solving complex, systemic, long-term problems across sectors and levels is to address them together. »
- Christian Bason

Some thoughts

This website is accompanied by the publication of blog articles allowing content to be added on a regular basis. The articles will be published in French or in English or translated into both languages.

The stewards

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The stewards
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